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Russian Cubic Zirconia are the most realistic Gemstone simulant ever produced and has made it into one of the best selling "gemstones". Unfortunately, there are manufacturers that churn out cheap,  and often nasty looking jewelry, usually in 9 Carat Gold or Sterling Silver. To create a ring or other article of jewelry which looks realistically like gemstones, it is necessary to use excellent mountings, and to have the stones properly set, rather than skimp on the quality of the setting work.

If Russian Cubic Zirconia stones are mounted in real, high quality settings, then they are impossible to tell apart from genuine gemstones using the naked, untrained eye, and without instruments.

Stones: Jewelry from features the finest man-made and laboratory-created gemstones possible--Class "A" Russian Formula Cubic Zirconia and Genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystal (Although a few of our jewelry DO feature natural gemstones rather than their Lab-Created counterparts).


Brush gently with a soft toothbrush to remove dirt and grease. This is recommended for aLL types of jewelry unless you take to a Jeweler to clean.

You can use jewelry cleaning solutions found at Wal-Mart and other stores....PLEASE make sure that you read the Ingredients and they don't contain Chlorine! Chlorine should be avoided for ALL jewelry!


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